9 May 2018

My Monthly Post

As I am writing this, we are within a day of either a new government or ... hopefully whatever the outcome, we remain a peaceful nation.

I had two events happen between the last post and this one.  One a charity dinner at LICC and one the grand opening of The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi.  

My sister

My mom

Relaxed a bit, then took a short trip to Seoul at the end of April.  Something a bit different than my previous trips last year as this was a guided trip.  We call it a touch 'n go one.  Salute to the South Koreans, they are very proud of their culture and products.  There was not skipping the obligatory visits to Nami Island, Ginseng, Red Pine, Seaweed/Laver, Kimchi and Amethyst production centres. Also their cosmetics centre and folk museum.

On the way out of Langkawi
On the ferry to get to Nami Island

How to make Kimchi class
at the Gyeongbokgung Palace or Gyeongbok Palace
With our Korean guide - Lee
Trying out the Mung Bean Pancake or Bindae-tteok at the Gwangjang Market before going stir-crazy looking and buying pre-cut cloth ...


2 April 2018


OK...2 months from the last blog post...

Will be trying to vlog instead as that may be easier than writing hhhmmmmnnnn

I mean, I've already got the necessary equipment - phone(s), lens(s), mic(s), tripod(s), etc...so this should be a breeze.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Let's see, what's new ...

Another grand opening coming up! And taking up the bulk of my time.

Sunset View Langkawi 

2 February 2018


Someone reminded me of my blog and I decided to check my last post...to my horror and embarrassment - my last update was in 2016!

Let’s give this another try before burying the blog for good.

Talking about late and being late is something of a peeve of mine. Why?!

The favourite saying of most Malaysians is unfortunately ON THE WAY!  Even if they are still in bed or just about to have their bath or maybe still at the office.

Not everyone has the time to wait and not everyone is patient enough not to loose their cool. It has come to the point where to ensure that people are somewhat on time or within 15mins give or take of the expected time, people are now calling for meetings nearly an hour earlier. Now the people who are perpetually late will be somewhat on time and the people who are either perpetually early or on time are there way earlier than is needed. 🤨🤨🤨 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

I can’t change myself to be late, so I am among the few that reaches nearly an hour early for meetings. However, this has now created another problem, what of the next meeting? You assume that the first meeting is starting at 9am and schedule the next meeting at 11am, thinking that an hour is enough for the earlier meeting. Unfortunately as the meeting only starts at 10.15am, it only finishes at 11.15am and you are officially late by 15mins at that point. By the time you get to the 2nd meeting point you are now late by an hour! So everyone is now upset with you and you are way beyond frazzled at being late and rushed. Let’s not forget you may have something else lined up 1pm that you will rush the 2nd meeting to ensure that your schedule for the day is somewhat manageable.

In the end the whole day is shot because someone is always ON THE WAY.

WOW!!! Wrote that in like 5mins. Why???  Because I am waiting for someone who just texted that they are on the way...

3 August 2016

St. Regis Langkawi Grand Opening - May 29, 2016

The grand opening of the luxurious hotel went off, if not really as planned, a success if I do say so myself.

The event was a culmination of weeks and not months of planning. I did more travel out of Langkawi than I have ever done before.  Friends and family were astonished of my flying visits out of Langkawi and into KL nearly every week. Unfortunately, although met with a single friend on those visits, I was not able to visit with anyone else as it was literally a flying visit or visits. And the friend that I did meet was working in the department I was visiting.

I went to sleep immediately after the night ended at 6am May 30th.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who assisted and propped me up during those few weeks!

See you at the next event.

7 September 2015

Wow! Two in two days!

I may just change this blog to a general review of items I purchase...and use.

The MacBook Mate smart stand and dust plugs are great.  I use the smart stand on both my MacBook and MacBook Pro and it is unobtrusive when not in use and provides a grip when I am going around without a bag (this does happen sometimes).

The stand is meant for a 'naked' MacBook, but I use one on a case and the other without a case and both works fine.  

Admittedly I use the stand during limited typing times and it provides a slight lift, but if I am going to be on the computer for longer periods, I use the Flio, or the Roost Stand when I have my bluetooth keyboard handy.

The Flio allows for both the use of a keyboard or typing at an elevated angle (which also limits the length of time you use the computer).  The Roost Stand really elevates your monitor so that you do not look down and curve your shoulders for long periods and have bad neck, shoulder and back pain! 

Although the stand itself takes up basically no space, I would have to carry around a keyboard and trackpad/mouse...so take your pick.

The Pillar, which is another stand, also folds nearly flat, as it is made of a collapsible corrugated cardboard (I think).  Again, you will have to bring along a bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo.

Whichever you choose, it really does help!





Oops! Forgot about the dust plugs, basically it helps to plug all the unused ports on my MacBook Pro, a bit tricky to put in when you have big hands...hehehe, but easy to take out when you need to use the port or ports.

6 September 2015

Time Flies...

From the time of my last post the year before, several things happened.

My uncle passed away suddenly at the end of March 2014.
My aunt's husband passed away in August 2014.
My dad passed away in January 2015.
My cousin passed away in May 2015.
My grand-aunt's husband passed away in August 2015.

I still work, however not at all hours.  Time is better used on other things, like spending time with my mom, family and friends.  That's not to say I don't spend time doing 'stuff' on the computer at home.  I am scaling down on night-time events and most often than not can be found at home.

18 March 2014

Well, it has definitely been a long while (I know I started with that same line, in the last few postings!)

What's new - 

I managed to NOT add to my list of domain names, I still managed to buy a lot of things (gadgets and stuff) online.

I managed to leave the island quite a few times in the last year, (this is somewhat of a miracle people, even some of my wider acquaintances did not believe I was out of the island!). Nearly everyone remembers the fact that it was a 3 year stretch where I did not leave at all. What can I say, I LOVE Langkawi.

Where did I go, UMRAH (a wonderful experience that is to be repeated) with my Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, Cousin Bro and Cousin Sis. Kuala Lumpur (a few times for both work and fun). Penang (a few times, mostly for fun). Perlis and Alor Setar (definitely for fun). I am trying to use my passport more than once this time around, so hopefully I can plan a trip out of Malaysia soon.

Let's visit my last posting...EVERYTHING'S THE SAME! with a slight change on the last point...
  1. I still subscribe to the motto, 'you only live once, so eat what you can until you can't'.
  2. I am a faithful follower of the crowd funding site - kickstarter
  3. I still shop a lot on ebay and amazon.
  4. I love my 'i' devices (iPhones 4 & 5, iPod Nano 6th & 7th, MBP Retina, Mac Mini, iPad)
  5. I take a lot of food and location shots (normally of the sky and sea).
  6. I listen to a wide variety of musical genres with few exceptions.
  7. I read a lot.
  8. I work a lot and at odd hours.
  9. I have been known to eat at odd hours as well (see no. 1 above).
  10. I have a number of social networking sites.
  11. I have an abnormally large number of domain names and still counting...
I have now decided to delve into the world of ... it went blank on me ;P

Basically, I am trying out the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, probably will try the BeagleBone as well...but that is really pushing it.  Will regal you with what I do and attempt to do in my next post (when that will be, I have no earthly idea).

Check out the following:

By the way, the Pebble Watch 2.0 - Steel, is a steal! I LOVE IT.

Til the next time ... whenever that may be.

A post during this time would not be complete without a thought or doa given to the passengers and crew of MH370 and to their families and friends anxiously awaiting any bit of news. 

However, it would be remiss of me to not also say something about the general public and certain people;
  1. who feel that everyone should be given any and all information, whether it is true or not, the moment it is seen, heard or found 
  2. who feel that they should know everything at the same time or even before the families involved
  3. who strive to be the first to report anything, true or not

Honestly, there is freedom of speech, and there is freedom of speech.  Common sense and basic human decency should also be factored in.  

If you were in any way involved, would you want to find out via a Facebook post (and yes, I know this did happen) or would you want to find out from a real live person? If you were involved, would you want to read or hear about any number of things, supposedly clues or wreckage or oil slicks, well before it can be verified by any relevant authorities? 

But that's me. I could be wrong. I would like to keep hoping for their safe return until all hope is lost, maybe even not then, without having to read or hear any number of conspiracy theories. I would like verified evidence of anything without external parties butting in with what I should feel or do or demand. At the end of the day, this is about me, my family and probably close friends. 

I applaud all relevant parties directly involved in the search and wish for the best, In Sya Allah.