2 October 2023

New Stuff

I pulled another thing off the want list....Sony WH-1000XM4 on a discount as the XM5s are out and there was a sale and I got it at a steal of less than RM900.00. Headphones are definitely the way to go over earphones, especially for people with 'tudung' or hijabs.  

I also have supplanted my need to watch k-dramas with tiktoks! It is definitely addictive and if you're not careful, the time flies.  Next thing you know, it is already morning!

Also, for some reason, this blog went offline and was removed by blogger until I asked for a review, and it all came back.

A few things that fully occupy my time;

  • Property Management
  • Middle of the night calls
  • Email servers and websites
  • The 'law' that everything that can go wrong will go wrong only when there are guests and not when you are waiting for the guests to check-in
  • The unfortunate need for me and my staff to have to understand why guests do not read about the property and previous reviews before committing to staying
That is it for now.

30 October 2022


I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself Airpods Pro (1st gen) on sale and I must say, unlike the other truly wireless earphones (TWS) that I have tried and discarded over the years, it definitely surprised me.

Firstly, they were comfortable, even with prolonged use.  Second, being in the “Apple Ecosystem” it does flow seamlessly between my devices (iPad Air, iPhones and Mac Mini). 

I do admit to being a lifelong headphone user and have had many low, mid and high end ones and have  not enjoyed stuffing things in my ear, but the Airpods Pro really surprised me.  Let me tell you, the headphones I have used and some that are still being used to this day:

Headphones - both wired and wireless

  • Marshall Majors
  • Beats Solo
  • Skullcandy Crushers
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 
  • Sennheiser Momentum (my absolute favourite in both sound and the fact that it is fabric instead of pleather, therefore will not crack and become sticky)
  • Audio Technica M50
I also do admit here, that I prefer using headphones when traveling if only to give off vibes that say ‘DON’T DISTURB ME’ 

The main reason I do not and have not had the desire to buy any of the airpods is because of the price and the fact that if I did not like them, I would have to basically give it away as I will not be able to sell them off. Also, the fact that I am wearing a hijab also proved to be something of a deterent to using TWSs as they mainly will have all kinds of connecting problems and the mic will be muffled….as was mainly the case with any and all of the previous TWSs that I purchased, all of which, I must admit ran below the RM200 mark. 

Airpods like everything Apple, are not cheap, and unlike a phone or tablet or desktop, that I actually need and use, Airpods are definitely a want category item and not a need category.

The main reason I decided on purchasing the Airpods Pro now instead of another pair of headphones and I will admit to this, basically, in trying to minimise my everyday carry, both my current headphones do not fit my sling bag. 

My everyday carry:
  • My phones (both personal and work)
  • Minimal wallet for cards only
  • Two pens (black and red)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Powerbank
  • Counter for zikir
  • Airpods
Basic review of the Airpods Pro 1st Gen for someone with a hijab: 
  • Sound quality - excellent
  • Connection quality - excellent
  • Comfort - it does not hurt my ears even after hours of using
  • Microphone - it definitely works even when under my hijab with no lack on the clarity on the other  side of the call
That is it for now.  Until the next time.

8 October 2022

The Quest

 …what quest you may wonder…or not!

Basically trying to be a ‘minimalist’ is not gonna be my thing 🥴. Now, I have off-loaded a few things, but I have also got a few new things.  Namely, some of my very many backpacks and sling bags and messenger bags and tote bags (WOW) have gone off to better homes, not because it was not working out, but because I got bored 😂

I got me a new backpack, a new tote bag and interchange them quite often.  I actually got them in olive green instead of my regular black and am happy to say that I do not regret the decision.  

Got my tech edc bag as streamlined as possible in both bags so that I don’t have to move them in and out of different bags when I bring whichever bag out.

Each tech edc bag has the following:

1 x powerbank
1 x usb-c and usb-a adapter
1 x usb-c to usb-c cable
1 x usb-c to lightning cable
1 x wireless headphone
1 x wireless charger (only God knows why)
1 x flash-drive
1 x hard-disk
1 pack of alcohol wet wipes
1 bottle of screen cleaner with a micro-fibre cloth
1 pack of disposable masks

Am not sure why I would need two of the following, so have not pulled the trigger on buying another set:

1 x audio jack to lightning cable
1 x audio jack to usb-c cable (does not work on an iPad for some reason, hence having to use the adapter)
1 x usb-c hub
1 x wired microphone
1 x lighting to audio jack adapter
1 x lightning to usb-a adapter
1 x lightning to hdmi adapter
1 x usb-c to audio jack adapter

Of course an iPad Air rounds of the set with an external keyboard and mouse.

Wow, I do carry a lot of things on any given day.

8 September 2022

Let’s Get Back to Posting

Assalamualaikum! Hiya!

Just got around to checking this site, and to my ‘dismay’, the last post was nearly two years ago.  

What’s new -

Getting into the swing of working after two plus years of being easy going, staying in, meeting just a few people, is a shock to the system.  I enjoyed going to bed early, having less stress as we did not have to meet too many people, did not have too many events, did not have to deal with less than smart people 😜

I realise that I do not enjoy doing what I used to do, organising events, etc.  So what am I doing now, is trying out new avenues…wish me the best, InSya-Allah, all will be well.

We need to replenish ourselves, money wise, health wise, time wise…Time to ensure our nest egg is as secure as it can be, so I will work while I still can. Alhamdulillah, God willing, we will endure and come out better.


3 October 2020

Save ME

I just ‘found’ TikTok 
The challenges 🤦🏻‍♀️
The dancing 🤪
The tutorials 🤩
Time really flies

21 August 2020

No video or picture day

Ever since I started the month of August in Video and/or Picture mode, today seems to be the day that nothing generated a creative thought or desire to do a video OR to take a picture.

I may come up with two somethings tomorrow 😬

I did go out to a single location today, during this very long weekend that saw many people go cuti-cuti Malaysia away from the island and many more coming into Langkawi, a few things aggravated me:

  1. Wearing a mask under the nose, on the chin or on the neck  
  2. Not checking in at any location, be it with the MySejahtera App or a physical book
  3. No physical distancing 


Really people, it is not that hard.

It is something you have to do, right up there with NOT littering and NOT smoking in restaurants, wearing a seat belt and stopping on red.

But then again, the rest seems to be equally as hard for most people...so probably an on the spot fine should be enforced on the above points as well. 

Until the next time...

16 August 2020

Long Time no see

Assalamualaikum, it has been NEARLY two years since I last wrote. A new leaf is in the offing 🤔 InSya Allah. 

Going through my backlog of stuff, and have decided to do the following:

  1. Use my stuff or give away/sell them
  2. Daily updates on social media, preferably in short video form or pictures
  3. Monthly compilation on YouTube with the 1sec compilation on social media
  4. Update my blog!!! Preferably once a month 

Life is a bit strange currently especially if you are an extrovert and socially adventurous 🤔 person. For me, it is actually a blessing 😜

Whatever the case may be, let us all work together (apart) and try to break the chain for good. 


  • wash your hands and maintain a good physical hygiene 
  • be physically distant when out and about, maintain at least a metre distance from the next person when possible
  • wear a mask
  • sneeze or cough into your elbow or tissue or handkerchief
  • don’t be macho and go to work/school if you have the slightest sign of being under the weather
Until next time, ciao...