2 October 2023

New Stuff

I pulled another thing off the want list....Sony WH-1000XM4 on a discount as the XM5s are out and there was a sale and I got it at a steal of less than RM900.00. Headphones are definitely the way to go over earphones, especially for people with 'tudung' or hijabs.  

I also have supplanted my need to watch k-dramas with tiktoks! It is definitely addictive and if you're not careful, the time flies.  Next thing you know, it is already morning!

Also, for some reason, this blog went offline and was removed by blogger until I asked for a review, and it all came back.

A few things that fully occupy my time;

  • Property Management
  • Middle of the night calls
  • Email servers and websites
  • The 'law' that everything that can go wrong will go wrong only when there are guests and not when you are waiting for the guests to check-in
  • The unfortunate need for me and my staff to have to understand why guests do not read about the property and previous reviews before committing to staying
That is it for now.

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