30 October 2022


I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself Airpods Pro (1st gen) on sale and I must say, unlike the other truly wireless earphones (TWS) that I have tried and discarded over the years, it definitely surprised me.

Firstly, they were comfortable, even with prolonged use.  Second, being in the “Apple Ecosystem” it does flow seamlessly between my devices (iPad Air, iPhones and Mac Mini). 

I do admit to being a lifelong headphone user and have had many low, mid and high end ones and have  not enjoyed stuffing things in my ear, but the Airpods Pro really surprised me.  Let me tell you, the headphones I have used and some that are still being used to this day:

Headphones - both wired and wireless

  • Marshall Majors
  • Beats Solo
  • Skullcandy Crushers
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 
  • Sennheiser Momentum (my absolute favourite in both sound and the fact that it is fabric instead of pleather, therefore will not crack and become sticky)
  • Audio Technica M50
I also do admit here, that I prefer using headphones when traveling if only to give off vibes that say ‘DON’T DISTURB ME’ 

The main reason I do not and have not had the desire to buy any of the airpods is because of the price and the fact that if I did not like them, I would have to basically give it away as I will not be able to sell them off. Also, the fact that I am wearing a hijab also proved to be something of a deterent to using TWSs as they mainly will have all kinds of connecting problems and the mic will be muffled….as was mainly the case with any and all of the previous TWSs that I purchased, all of which, I must admit ran below the RM200 mark. 

Airpods like everything Apple, are not cheap, and unlike a phone or tablet or desktop, that I actually need and use, Airpods are definitely a want category item and not a need category.

The main reason I decided on purchasing the Airpods Pro now instead of another pair of headphones and I will admit to this, basically, in trying to minimise my everyday carry, both my current headphones do not fit my sling bag. 

My everyday carry:
  • My phones (both personal and work)
  • Minimal wallet for cards only
  • Two pens (black and red)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Powerbank
  • Counter for zikir
  • Airpods
Basic review of the Airpods Pro 1st Gen for someone with a hijab: 
  • Sound quality - excellent
  • Connection quality - excellent
  • Comfort - it does not hurt my ears even after hours of using
  • Microphone - it definitely works even when under my hijab with no lack on the clarity on the other  side of the call
That is it for now.  Until the next time.

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