21 August 2020

No video or picture day

Ever since I started the month of August in Video and/or Picture mode, today seems to be the day that nothing generated a creative thought or desire to do a video OR to take a picture.

I may come up with two somethings tomorrow 😬

I did go out to a single location today, during this very long weekend that saw many people go cuti-cuti Malaysia away from the island and many more coming into Langkawi, a few things aggravated me:

  1. Wearing a mask under the nose, on the chin or on the neck  
  2. Not checking in at any location, be it with the MySejahtera App or a physical book
  3. No physical distancing 


Really people, it is not that hard.

It is something you have to do, right up there with NOT littering and NOT smoking in restaurants, wearing a seat belt and stopping on red.

But then again, the rest seems to be equally as hard for most people...so probably an on the spot fine should be enforced on the above points as well. 

Until the next time...

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