7 September 2015

Wow! Two in two days!

I may just change this blog to a general review of items I purchase...and use.

The MacBook Mate smart stand and dust plugs are great.  I use the smart stand on both my MacBook and MacBook Pro and it is unobtrusive when not in use and provides a grip when I am going around without a bag (this does happen sometimes).

The stand is meant for a 'naked' MacBook, but I use one on a case and the other without a case and both works fine.  

Admittedly I use the stand during limited typing times and it provides a slight lift, but if I am going to be on the computer for longer periods, I use the Flio, or the Roost Stand when I have my bluetooth keyboard handy.

The Flio allows for both the use of a keyboard or typing at an elevated angle (which also limits the length of time you use the computer).  The Roost Stand really elevates your monitor so that you do not look down and curve your shoulders for long periods and have bad neck, shoulder and back pain! 

Although the stand itself takes up basically no space, I would have to carry around a keyboard and trackpad/mouse...so take your pick.

The Pillar, which is another stand, also folds nearly flat, as it is made of a collapsible corrugated cardboard (I think).  Again, you will have to bring along a bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad combo.

Whichever you choose, it really does help!





Oops! Forgot about the dust plugs, basically it helps to plug all the unused ports on my MacBook Pro, a bit tricky to put in when you have big hands...hehehe, but easy to take out when you need to use the port or ports.

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