6 September 2015

Time Flies...

From the time of my last post the year before, several things happened.

My uncle passed away suddenly at the end of March 2014.
My aunt's husband passed away in August 2014.
My dad passed away in January 2015.
My cousin passed away in May 2015.
My grand-aunt's husband passed away in August 2015.

I still work, however not at all hours.  Time is better used on other things, like spending time with my mom, family and friends.  That's not to say I don't spend time doing 'stuff' on the computer at home.  I am scaling down on night-time events and most often than not can be found at home.

Now onto the other stuff:

I should post a review of all the things I got ... here's a brief look at items that I use all the time or most of the time:

The newest editions of the Pebble Watches are great.  I especially love the Pebble Time Steel, like really L-O-V-E!!!

The SETA Smartphone Stand, I use in my car as a modified phone stand to take time-lapse shots of my driving!

This stand I carry everywhere as it doesn't take up much space and I can carry it in my jacket pocket or my pants :p -  The Plinth, I really, really like.

Personally, I love the MiDock, only problem is when it sticks, it really sticks, and since I own quite a few docks and stands, it does not really help when I want to move it around.  However, I am not dissing it people, it really is a good stand, especially if you are using it in a shop setting. Their second version is supposed to be even better, especially if you go around not with a 'naked' tablet or smartphone.  Am I getting the second one? Yes, without a doubt!

Their docks are the bomb! For the home, the office and the car. EverDock is the way to go.

The Chargelight is a very useful flashlight cum powerbank that I carry around more for the flashlight capabilities than as a backup battery.

For those of you who love 'naked' iDevices, check out MagBak for iPads and iPhones, it provides a grip when you are walking about holding the tablet and can stick to the fridge when you're in the kitchen! Very useful this! Cannot wait for the phone version to come out.

Now this one makes me wish I was an artist, however I am well acquainted with several and they rave about it.  Check it out - the iSketchnote.

The Beastgrip is something I use quite often when taking pictures with my phone at events.  It also definitely helps when I am filming with my phone.  The Pro version is coming out soon and I can't wait for it.

Also in concert with the Beastgrip - I use the Peak Design straps and am eagerly awaiting their Messenger Bag.

Now, the lenses I use for the phone when not on the Beastgrip (at least until I get the Pro version), is the Moment Lens.  Absolutely fabulous people.

I like this Pop & Lock, when I am walking around shooting pictures or filming, paired with a Beastgrip or a GoPro. I do not have the Pro version, just the plain Pop & Lock from Kickstarter. Well, it is not really plain...

Talking about the GoPro, check out this two items that is quite frankly something every GoPro user should have - the extra battery by LimeFuel and the companion to your phone - the Campanion.

If you are a fan of the stylus, this one may just be it for you. The Apex, the latest one comes with a rechargeable battery.  Mine, although very difficult due to the 'AAAA' battery requirement remains a favourite! I just order the battery online.

Now, if you are a fan of Apple laptops and have been one for a number of years, chances are, cord fray is not something that surprises you.  I went through a number of chargers and that is expensive I tell you. Python Cords is a charger's best friend.  Also you can check out the Juiceboxx, I've used both and like them both.

This adapter helps when you are facing a lack of plug points, definitely when you travel. The oneadaptr is designed for the Macbook only crowd.

When using the Macbook, this stand helps a lot. The Flio.

This one really helps when you are outside during the day, in the sunlight of course, you can actually see what you are doing on the Macbook - the DigiShade.

These batteries are also the bomb, as five of them in concert can charge 5 devices at the same time.  The Modulo can be separated into 5 different batteries or put together into a mini tower of power and can be stuck on the back of your device as it is small enough and comes with a smart attach thingy that allows for multiple use of sticking and unsticking without leaving any residue and did I mention it comes with 5 usb ports to charge 5 devices at the same time. Providing you buy 5 modulos.

The Folding USB Solar Cell does help a lot when you spend time on the beach with no access to a power point and have actually run out of powerbank power for some reason...

Two wallets that I use together at all times - WrapWallet and the EZGO Wallet, one carries my ID's and some notes and my flash-drive card, the other my other cards, 2 x micro-sd cards, 1 sd card and also some notes.

Clipped to my EZGO Wallet is my iStick, on-the-go memory stick for my iDevice. It really helps to free up space and carry around documents that needs to be sent A.S.A.P. especially since you failed to bring your laptop with you, for some reason.

The two bags I use most often, depending on where I am going and what I am going to do is the EMBER Backpack and the KASTEL Bag. I love one more than the other, probably because I can carry more on both shoulders, but let's face it, you cannot take your backpack with you everywhere you go.

This one I just got, and I must say it is a great buy.  Check out the new-fangled alarm clock (for some) called the C1-pro. It has a bluetooth speaker, aux jack and you can add in your alarm tunes via a micro-sd card.

That is a lot of gadgets and equipment and these are only ones that I use most regularly!

Oh well! That's it for now....until next time.

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