15 April 2011

OK! What's NEW...

I have embarked on a new adventure in my working life...the possibility of failure is there, but I am supremely confident that with perseverance and a little bit of luck on the side plus a helping hand from GOD! and not forgetting my ever expanding circle of friends...

What AM I talking about...you may wonder...

I've started another business in addition to the ones I currently have...which are;

1. Administrator @ Low Frequency Production
3. Legal Wedding Facilitator @
The Andaman, Four Seasons, Tanjung Sanctuary and The Danna, Langkawi
4. Team Building Overseer @
The Andaman and The Danna, Langkawi
5. Resident Nag for the aforementioned circle of friends
6. ??? ;p (still a secret to a number of people...)

Ciao, and until next time ppl!

Location:Persiaran Putera,Langkawi,Malaysia

1 comment:

Mamat Lisham said...

resident nag???? wakakakaka... i like!!!