21 April 2011

How to release...

your STRESS!!!

Let me sum up my week from (well it was not hell!) the lower levels of something or the other!!!


Sunday - I found out that the District Officer (DO) and his assistant will not be available to meet up with a wedding couple until Tuesday morning...now normally this would not be a problem because they were staying until Saturday...however, they planned on getting married on that same Tuesday! So, luckily the Registration Office was very accommodating and allowed the marriage through! 

Tuesday morning - the guests opted to drive themselves with both sets of parents following - The guys showed up in shorts and sandals! HHHMMMNNN!!! The commissioner's office was the first stop, followed by taking passport sized pictures and then the DO's office...taadaaa...they were legally married by 12 noon.

The beach blessing in the blazin' hot sun of Tanjung Sanctuary Resort happened at the stroke of 6pm! Over and done with by 7pm!

Disco and dinner ended @ 2am!


Wednesday - I went and picked up Fakhrace and Amanda and drove up to The Andaman as I had some wedding appointments and a teambuilding activity at the same time.  Drove in and met up with the organiser.

The DO had a very busy day of meetings and could only meet up with my guests after 2pm.  So they came with the hotel rep at 2:30 pm to meet up with the commissioner for oaths and this time the prospective bride showed up in a tank top and 3-quarter pants! 

On a side note - I got called in to go on air @ 3pm.

Went to the DO's office and found out he had another meeting and he can only meet up with the guests at 4:30 pm, I left the hotel rep to handle the appointment after leaving some instructions with the very helpful secretary!!! Thank GOD!

Called Amanda and Fakhrace and told them that I can't join the team for the teambuilding and went on air at 3:30 pm.  Thank you Lisham!

5:50 pm called it a day on air and introduced the next DJ, who then called and said he forgot he was supposed to be on air! I had to read the news - IN MALAY - and then handed over the mic by 6:04 pm.

Dropped the boss off at the jetty by 6:15 pm and dropped by the teambuilding site by 6:25 pm!

That sums up a wonderful two days this week!

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Mamat Lisham said...

ekekekeke... K.E.D.A is Kay-da... K.E.D.A.H. is Ke-Duh~ I memahami...