27 April 2005

Milan wins! Liverpool n Everton might have to duke it out!!!

Actually not. Anyway, AC Milan wins the first leg at home against PSV Eidhoven 2-0. Liverpool faces Chelsea tonight or early tomorrow morning! Now what happens if, by chance, Liverpool manage to lift the Champions League trophy, their current domestic runs leaves much to be desired - currently in 5th place 4 points behind Everton who have a game in hand. England has 4 top spots to go into Champions League with no. 5 & 6 going Eufa's way (now being 5, 6 & 7 as both Arsenal and Manchester are already in the Champions League). Brings us to the time Real Madrid won the Champions League but domestically are 5th. The Spanish FA at the time had to choose between 4th place (can't remember who) and Real (they went with Real by the way). We'll see!!!

Anyway, Fernando Alonso won the San Marino Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher finally on the podium in 2nd. Unfortunately both their team-mates had to retire quite early on in the race!!! Is the tide now changing???

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