24 April 2005


It's up and down, up and down....aarrgghhhhh!!!! How can they win in Champions League but lookse in the EPL!!!!! On the other hand....Chelsea are doing well, and if Arsenal loose tonight will effectively win the EPL for the first time 50 years!!! and be on the way to completing a treble after having won the Carling Cup!!!

But getting back to Liverpool!!! I even bought a new shirt to commerate....aaarrrgghhhh!!! but that is the way it goes. anyway, it looks set that Steven Gerrard will be leaving for somewhere by the end of the season, having be RESTED for more than half of the mid-week match...maybe that is a good thing, have you noticed that the team performs better without him....hhhmmmnnnn something to ponder...

Well it is a first posting after a....it has been a long and busy few days, not including the obligatory staff party meetings and stuff related to that...the party is scheduled for mid-June. Work wise, as usual is quite busy this period...budgets, capex, newsletter, new staff, rebranding, etc.....I must say, I'm not as busy as other people in the office, but ...let's hope I have time to do updates soon!

Today's also the San Marino Grand Prix and we will see how Shuey performs on home ground........

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