8 October 2022

The Quest

 …what quest you may wonder…or not!

Basically trying to be a ‘minimalist’ is not gonna be my thing 🥴. Now, I have off-loaded a few things, but I have also got a few new things.  Namely, some of my very many backpacks and sling bags and messenger bags and tote bags (WOW) have gone off to better homes, not because it was not working out, but because I got bored 😂

I got me a new backpack, a new tote bag and interchange them quite often.  I actually got them in olive green instead of my regular black and am happy to say that I do not regret the decision.  

Got my tech edc bag as streamlined as possible in both bags so that I don’t have to move them in and out of different bags when I bring whichever bag out.

Each tech edc bag has the following:

1 x powerbank
1 x usb-c and usb-a adapter
1 x usb-c to usb-c cable
1 x usb-c to lightning cable
1 x wireless headphone
1 x wireless charger (only God knows why)
1 x flash-drive
1 x hard-disk
1 pack of alcohol wet wipes
1 bottle of screen cleaner with a micro-fibre cloth
1 pack of disposable masks

Am not sure why I would need two of the following, so have not pulled the trigger on buying another set:

1 x audio jack to lightning cable
1 x audio jack to usb-c cable (does not work on an iPad for some reason, hence having to use the adapter)
1 x usb-c hub
1 x wired microphone
1 x lighting to audio jack adapter
1 x lightning to usb-a adapter
1 x lightning to hdmi adapter
1 x usb-c to audio jack adapter

Of course an iPad Air rounds of the set with an external keyboard and mouse.

Wow, I do carry a lot of things on any given day.

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