8 September 2022

Let’s Get Back to Posting

Assalamualaikum! Hiya!

Just got around to checking this site, and to my ‘dismay’, the last post was nearly two years ago.  

What’s new -

Getting into the swing of working after two plus years of being easy going, staying in, meeting just a few people, is a shock to the system.  I enjoyed going to bed early, having less stress as we did not have to meet too many people, did not have too many events, did not have to deal with less than smart people 😜

I realise that I do not enjoy doing what I used to do, organising events, etc.  So what am I doing now, is trying out new avenues…wish me the best, InSya-Allah, all will be well.

We need to replenish ourselves, money wise, health wise, time wise…Time to ensure our nest egg is as secure as it can be, so I will work while I still can. Alhamdulillah, God willing, we will endure and come out better.


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