9 May 2018

My Monthly Post

As I am writing this, we are within a day of either a new government or ... hopefully whatever the outcome, we remain a peaceful nation.

I had two events happen between the last post and this one.  One a charity dinner at LICC and one the grand opening of The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi.  

My sister

My mom

Relaxed a bit, then took a short trip to Seoul at the end of April.  Something a bit different than my previous trips last year as this was a guided trip.  We call it a touch 'n go one.  Salute to the South Koreans, they are very proud of their culture and products.  There was not skipping the obligatory visits to Nami Island, Ginseng, Red Pine, Seaweed/Laver, Kimchi and Amethyst production centres. Also their cosmetics centre and folk museum.

On the way out of Langkawi
On the ferry to get to Nami Island

How to make Kimchi class
at the Gyeongbokgung Palace or Gyeongbok Palace
With our Korean guide - Lee
Trying out the Mung Bean Pancake or Bindae-tteok at the Gwangjang Market before going stir-crazy looking and buying pre-cut cloth ...


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