4 April 2012

Buying Spree...???

Finally, we're back in our house!

The Contractor took slightly less than 6 months to finalise the project that he initially said would take 2 - 3 months tops! By the way we moved back home eventhough he has not finished his work yet! We just could not wait! Next up, with my Personal Shopper : new sheets and stuff for my brand new bedroom! hehehehehe!

Other than that, we have decided to take up cycling and spent a load of RMs.  Of course, I fell of the bike in a storm the first time I went out and the knee is still killing me... :(  Needless to say, I am still storing the bike for when I can walk up and down the stairs without cringing.

The next question is, should I buy a new car? If I am going down that route, will I be buying a Hilux or a  Triton - Double Cab 3.0 metallic fully loaded vehicle, hhhmmmnnnn??? or something else entirely - Innova, Rush, SX4, ASX??? Sooooo many choices...or better yet, spend the deposit on fixing my car?

Note - I realised that I have quite a few domains : 
  1. halinakajamydin.com
  2. sufinahalim.com
  3. danlagi.com
  4. yabedabedoo.com
  5. amandawatizulkifli.com
  6. lowfrequencyproduction.com
  7. lowfrequencyproductionsdnbhd.com
  8. simply-blissful.com
  9. raosuryana.com
  10. badmintonlangkawi.com
  • facebook.com/halina.kajamydin
  • facebook.com/langkawifm
  • facebook.com/wonderlandlangkawi
  • facebook.com/badmintonlangkawi
  • facebook.com/lowfrequencyproduction
  • twitter.com/halinakm
  • twitter.com/langkawifm
  • youtube.com/halinakm
  • linkedin
  • foursquare
  • windows live
  • google plus
Fuyoh! Did I miss anything???


1 comment:

Mamat Lisham said...

aiks? u also posted a list??? hahaha... what a coincidence!