1 June 2005


April & May: - Birthdays and Births

Mazuin's was on the 10th of May
Mokhtar's was on the 25th of May
Jeffery's came and went on the 26th of May
Enita's on the 27th

On the same vein;

Emir's was on the 5th of April
My uncle's (Pak Teh) was on April 19th
My cousin's (Sara Liyana) 16th was on April 26th
My brother's 28th was on April 28
Rashdan's was on the 8th of May
My sister's 22nd was on May 11
My dad's was on May 12
Ra's was on the 30th!!! I forgot that...sorry

Farah and Rashdan welcomed their 3rd on May 19th - Aisya Ariana Rashdan @ 5.58pm - no pics yet!!!
Anis and Hafiz welcomed their 2nd on May 26th - Akmal Hakimi @ 11.58pm

Forgot about WEDDINGS;

Lai and Yani got married on May 26th at 12noon

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