23 May 2005

Over the weekend!!!

Wow!!! 90 + minutes of regulation time, and still MU could not beat Jens Lehmann!!! Even in extra time 30 + minutes!!! Even I, a non-MU fan can say, they actually deserved the win in the FA. Unfortunately, it is never the deserving - although one must say on the line of all the saves he had done that night (here in Malaysia), Lehmann deserved the win. 5-4 on penalties, with Jose Antonio Reyes being the second man in the history of the FA to be red carded!!! Talking about history, this match will also go down as the only match (so far) to be decided on penalties...eversince they did away with replays!!!

Next up - AC Milan vs. Liverpool in Instanbul on May 26 (Malaysian) & Preston vs. West Ham for 3rd promotion spot into the EPL on May 30.

In Formula One - Kimi Raikonnen notching a second successive win this time in Monaco after the San Marino Grand Prix starting from pole position, Nick Heidfeld and Mark Webber coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively, Fernando Alonso in 4th, Montoya, R. Schumacher and M. Schumacher, Barrichello completing the top 8. The drivers standing - Alonso still leads with 49, Raikonnen jumping to 2nd with 27, Trulli drops to 3rd with 26, Webber with 18, Heidfeld, R. Schumacher with 17, Fisichella and Montoya with 14, 12 for Schuey, 10 for Coulthard and etc.... Constructors - Renault with 63, McLaren Mercedes with 51, Toyota on 43, Williams-BMW with 35, 21 for Ferrari, 14 for Red Bull Racing and 7 for Sauber-Petronas.

Next up - European Grand Prix on the 29th of May in Nürburgring, Germany.

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