7 April 2005


Phew!!! Finally some time...the week's been...heheheh!!!

Anyway, Liverpool's proven themselves...2-1 over Juve!!! hooyah!!!! Sami Hyypia and Luis Garcia scoring. Chelsea's also done it...Lampard scoring a brace with Cole opening and Drogba closing. Unfortunately, letting in a late 90 minute penalty courtesy of Ballack. Score now 4-2. Both English teams playing on home soil by the by! Next week's return fixture will have Makaay back in action.

Renault's done it again! Fernando Alonso finishing 1st, Jarno Trulli (Toyota) and finally Kimi Raikonnen in 3rd. No Ferrari, even when debuting their new engine. Next up - San Marino and we will see whether home soil will be good luck to the prancing horse team.

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