28 March 2005

I'm Back!!!

I nearly kissed the ground when I landed!!!

not that I would ... it is an airport tarmac you know...and I'm not that desperate!!! ;p

Anyway everytime I say that will be the last time I fly...it does not turn out that way...anyway not so bad this time around at least in the coming back part...the going part on the 24th was somewhat horrendous...being the usual delay in taking off and a very VERY bumpy flight...the only gripe I had was the GOD awful smell nearly the entire 50mins of flight...fast flight unfortunately coupled with the 25min delay...yuck!

Back to work...spreading the cheer...shopping for the masses as it were! ;p

I was very good this time around as I said earlier...did not spend overly much...just the necessaries...an enclosure for my SATA drive was nearly the end of the trip for KR and I...out of the 4 floors of vendors, more than half of them selling SATA drives you could not find an enclosure that fit!!! Only 1 nice stall somewhere between total meltdown and total screamfest ... no choice exactly! Blank CDs, a broadband modem for the apt...the other one is on its way to total...well you get the idea. What else...my god! that was it actually... not! two headsets, one with a mic and the other without...for SKYPE! one on the mac and the other on the pc at work!!! ;p

Met a few people...missed a few people...all in all a smashing restful weekend in the city!!! not

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