22 February 2005

2005...what's happening

A recap of the previous months...
(I know it is nearly the end of February...I finally have the time to do this...)

  • It is the New Year...and I'm sleeping half the day away...smashing night it was...watching other people party at The Andaman...guests were great...we had a minute of silence to remember December 26 with lighted candles waving in the air....
  • Busy preparing for the upcoming ATF...can't believe it is starting on an EID day...January 21
  • January 21-29, Asean Tourism Forum 2005 at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre...it's Raya Haji and I'm working...
  • January 24, Joakim's and Joelina's registration process starts at the LADA building
  • January 26, Joakim's and Joelina's registration process still continues on...this time at the Courthouse
  • January 27, the Pastor's son falls ill ...
  • January 28, the hunt for a Pastor goes on for a day....
  • January 29, Joakim Wallsten and Joelina Bengtsson Blessing Ceremony (guests)
  • January 29, Lee Ping's
  • January 31, Joakim and Joelina finally meet the DO

  • February 1, Joakim and Joelina Registration Ceremony with Jessie and Irene
  • February 7, Gareth and Carlie get off the plane (MH007) and rush to the LADA building and then onwards to the Courthouse
  • February 8, Gareth and Carlie meets the DO and I rush like a chicken with no head to file the papers at the Registration Office before the start of a long holiday...
My birthday - February 12 .....aarrggghhhh....I'm old....heheheheh
  • February 13, Gareth and Carlie Smith Registration Ceremony (guests) with Jessie and Irene
  • February 14, Gareth and Carlie Smith Blessing Ceremony
  • February 14, Daniel Alderson-Smith and Sonia Gill Blessing Ceremony (guests)
  • February 19, Salleh's
  • February 19, Farani's
  • February 20, Hanim's
  • February 21, David and Amanda Registration Process...finally it is all done in a day!!!
  • February 23, Narelle's
  • February 23, Din's
  • February 26, Aniza's
  • February 26, Clement's

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