10 September 2018

A break is coming...

Last minute trips to Penang and Kuala Lumpur brought out different feels...

Penang was definitely a place I like for a food odyssey ... started with a chocolate dessert, Korean style fried chicken for a snack, had dinner at a Chinese fine dining restaurant.  

Not so early breakfast of a viral sensation in Penang for 'Kacang Pool', then went shopping for dates and 'jeruk'.  Then stood in-line for another viral sensation at Bee Hwa Cafe. 

A not so viral stop for dinner as the stomach was protesting.

Then came back home!

The next day, early morning ferry ride, we arrived a bit too early at the train station for our 11am train to KL.  Took a day ride instead of overnight to go to KL and to come back to home. I am impressed with the ride, not so impressed with the washroom.  Now, when the ride started it was all great...as the ride progressed the person in charge did go in several times to clean and clear...it was some of the people using the facilities that needs to learn washroom etiquette..........

While in KL, for the first time in like forever, I actually saw a fireworks show that I was not actively involved in...FANTASTIC!

Just before going off for a longer break mid-month...a few things came up.  Meetings are endless, people who think they know everything are a pain in my behind, rehearsals and events...remind me why I should be thankful I have slowed down a lot and do schedule holidays and stuff.

Bye for now!

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