20 November 2010

Safety and ...

living alone...

  1. make sure you have room/house mates or close friends that worry should you not appear,
  2. make sure that you know your neighbours,
  3. make sure that you turn up for work on time and don't just disappear during working hours as a habit,
  4. make sure that your boss or your assistant knows when you are not turning up for work within the first hour of work, make that a habit as well,
  5. do not maintain the same routine every day,
  6. do leave at least the porch light on, if you are planning on coming back late, or better yet, put in a timer so that the light goes on at an appointed time no matter what,
  7. make sure you have your house keys in your hand before getting out of the car, so that you don't have to search your bag while at the door,
  8. make sure that you have a mini mag-light in your bag so that you may use it in the dark should you be in a dark place (just in case you forget to leave the porch light on),
  9. make sure your friends or co-workers know how to get in touch with you should you be out of mobile reach,
  10. make sure that at least one person knows when you are going offline or off the grid and for how long, don't just disappear and if possible how to get to you should the need arise.

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