27 May 2010

Couple of months...

the times flies...and then I realise - woops! I can't tell people to update if I haven't...wakakakakaka!

Wokey! I desire the DESIRE! then again I also desire the HD2! Oh No! I also desire the EVO 4G (not that we have the network yet!!) hmmnnnnn!!!

Am I subconsciously sublimating a need for something with all this gadgets.... I wonder and I wonder, but that does not cancel out the desire for the iPad!!! I WANT, I WANT, I WANT...next thing I hear that Malaysia may only get the official iPad sometime this December!!! OK people time to do Low Yat thing and get it....hhhmmmnn maybe cheaper to buy it online rather than flying down and getting it...

OK, enough rants!!! Enough I say!!! OMG! I am talking to myself and giving myself a talking to at the same time!


I want an iPad and I want it now!

I want a holiday and I want that now as well! (wow! totally off topic)

OK...enough already!

ps - I just came across the term GADGETHEADS! I think I will use the term in relation to me instead of gadget freak!!!

ps2 - Facebook really needs a DISLIKE button and a way to ensure that those darned Farmville, Poker, Mafia, etc invites can be switched off.

ps3 - Is there not anyone who can support the iBooks thing on iTunes! I so want to buy books online in a digital format, instead of buying physical books...

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