13 July 2009

Tiredness and Supplements...

It is a thought...does it help my tiredness at all...not that I can see, however after working non stop since the end of May with still no end in sight - I can honestly say that it is somewhat of a miracle that my body has not given up on me and had the flu (at least a prolonged one and not an overnight one) or something like that ;p

I'm taking EPO, Q-Gel, Salmon Oil and a little natural thing called honey with the comb!

This is especially good - I eat out all the time, mostly fried something with rice, fried rice, and definitely fast food at least 3-4 times a week. Of course, I don't forget my greens, but this generally comes in the fried version as well - Kangkung Belacan, Kailan Ikan Masin, etc. I don't have enough sleep, since I mostly sleep after 1am and generally am on the go in the mornings right up to the time I go to sleep. I definitely don't exercise ;p

I'm not dissing anyone here, as you can't quantify tiredness, everyone has varying degrees of tiredness. I'm feeling more tired now than last December when I had 100 bankers in a conference for 3 days and 3 differently themed dinners each night whilst working elsewhere as well. Then again perhaps when I did this non stop thing before the conference I might say it differently. Something more recent was of course the start of the Radio Sweeps in March where we went non stop from the end of February right up till Mid March, bookended with two seperate groups doing seperate things...I'm just saying I'm feeling the tiredness thing a little bit more and yes I have factored in AGE! I'm also factoring in the news that the next sweep in August and that is why I say there's no end in sight...

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Cohen said...

wow. looks like you've been having a busy month (and by the looks of it, more busy months) :( but it's a good thing your body can take it all :D You could try krill oil as an alternative to salmon oil. I've read it has more benefits than salmon oil. Maybe getting more sleep and having less fast food can make your body feel better despite the nonstop work.