1 July 2007

Feeling Less Stressed!!!????

what's been happening?

1. several weddings
2. Rex has left the island and is back at home, last I heard he may be going to New Zealand
3. Dwi has been transferred and promoted into Rex's position, lot's of work to be done
4. several inspections and negotiations
5. contemplating seriously to look for a new job, have sent out the all important documents
6. went through several under the weather senarios
6. spent at last count nearly 2k on fixing and upgrading the mac!
7. spent at last count nearly another 2k on fixing the all important transportation!
8. wasted 2 sets of tickets, with no way of getting the money back for a trip to Chiang Mai
9. spent time in KL and the first PC Fair in over 2 years! in it's new venue (by my count!) KLCC the convention centre and not the shopping hub!
10. spent money in KL instead of Chiang Mai!
11. went through with my promise to not join the Staff Party Committee...however still assisted the new one for the party that was held at MIEC...(new post to come on this) June 29th & 30th. which is why I said, I was feeling less stressed!!!

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