27 May 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone!!!


At the stroke of half-time, the world (the part of them that knows about football as a round ball hounded by 20 men) put them as dead in the water. Sure to loose their talismanic captain to either Chelsea, Real Madrid or any other team that will be playing in the Champions League!!! As well as a host of other team members!!!!

In the space of 15 2nd half minutes, they equalised - Gerrard, Smicer and Alonso. A gruelling 30+ extra time and lo and behold...penalty shots, Serginho shoots over the crossbar, Hamann scores, Pirlo's shot is saved, Cisse scores, Tomasson scores, Riise denied, Kaka scores!!!, Smicer scores ... Shevchenko shoots...and Dudek denies!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

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