19 May 2005

Summaries galore!

It's been an eventful three weeks....Liverpool won a somewhat controversial goal in the return leg in the semi's of the Champions League. Although if you were to view the replays...the ball did cross the line...no matter what anyone says!!!

On that note...does anyone agree with me that although PSV should have won the final berth based on their performance in the 2nd leg, like everyone is saying CONSISTENCY is the name of the game. In saying that they were quite the team over the preceeding matches...basically it is somewhat based on luck ;p

On the whole Liverpool ended up 5th on the EPL, 3 points behind Everton who after a 34 year wait will now not only play in EUFA but will if they get through qualifications, play Champions League. As it stands even if Liverpool wins this May 26, they will not be able to defend the cup next year as they only qualified to play for the EUFA Cup :(

UEFA Cup 04/05 - CSKA Moscow won early this morning against Sporting Lisbon 3-1 in Sporting's home stadium by the by!

In the EPL the bottom was finalised on the last day of the season, Southampton drops to the Championship along with Crystal Palace and Norwich who by the way lost spectaculary agains Fulham 6-0. Although Andrew Johnson turned out to be the 2nd highest goal scorer in the EPL it did not save them. A record for West Bromwich Albion - who won 2-0 against West Brom - making another bit of history as they actually were the bottom-proppers during Christmas. Crystal Palace drew 2-2 against Charlton.

Thierry Henry who has not played due to injury for quite some time and is looking to be rested still for the FA finals as well won for top goal scorer on 25 goals. Andrew Johnson in second with 21 goals. Robert Pires in 3rd with 14. 4th - Frank Lampard, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Aiyegbeni Yakubu and Jermain Defoe tie on 13 goals. On the Actim Index-May 17, Henry leads with 8.57points, Lampard in second with 7.76points and Pires in 3rd with 6.45points. Chelsea managing to top the tables overall in the Midfield, Defender and Goalie category.

Other stats. include the following -

Clean Sheets - Chelsea with 25, MU with 19, Arsenal with 16, Rovers with with 15, Everton and Spurs with 13.
Unbeaten Sequence - Chelsea with 29, MU with 20 and Arsenal with 12.
Winning Sequence - Chelsea with 8, MU with 6, Arsenal, Spurs and Bolton with 5.
Winless Sequence - Baggies with 15, Norwich with 13, Crystal Palace, Southampton and Bolton with 10.
Drawing Sequence - Birmingham with 5, 4 each for Villa and Rovers.
Losing Sequence - 6 each for Spurs and Bolton, 5 each for Crystal Palace, Norwich and the Baggies.
Most goals in a single match - Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal 4-5 on Nov. 13, 04.
Most goals scored by a team in a single match - Arsenal vs. Everton 7-0 on May 11, 05.
Biggest home victory - Arsenal vs. Eveton 7-0 on May 11, 05.
Biggest away victory - West Bromwich Albion vs. Liverpool 0-5 on Dec. 26, 04.

Sunderland and Wigan have been confirmed for promotion, with West Ham facing either Derby or Preston in a final that will decide the last promotion into the 20million pound promotion spot. It is interesting to note that for the final spot last year...they lost to Crystal Palace ... spectacularly!!! Alan Pardew - West Ham's manager did manage to lose 3 times already in the play-offs, 2001 & 2003 with Reading and of course last year with West Ham. Ipswich by the way have lost seven times overall in the play offs.

In F1, Schuey's luck still has not gone for the better, even after 5 races. Alonso leads the drivers standing having won 4 out of 5 on 44 points, his closest competitor is his former teamate Jarno Trulli at 26 points and Kimi Raikonnen in 3rd with 17 points. Renault leading in constructors after having won all 5 races with 58 points, Toyota with 40 points in 2nd and McLaren-Mercedes with 37 points in 3rd. Next up Monaco this Sunday.

Wow!!! a big round-up - the why's of not updating recently is ... nothing so great...as usual time got away from me along with the fact that Telekom managed to cut my broadband line while fixing my home line!!!

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