22 March 2005

I Love My MAC!

Now...for those of you who know me...you know that I love my PC... ;p

Well, now the IBook is taking pride of place although I must admit the lack of knowledge (at least for this moment) does tend to make me GROAN!!!

Example, extra HD as the IBook only has 30gb and I have used up slightly over half...bearing in mind I have yet to transfer my music and pictures from my current external HD not to mention my documents. I got the IBook sometime in January (just before ATF) and I still can't figure out how to link my external HD to it.

I really don't like asking people as normally people ask me to how to use their computers ;p

Luckily for me...I finally did get around to asking but...we'll see how it goes over the weekend as that is when I am suppossed to get my tutorial, heheheh!

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