17 March 2005

Full Weekend Up Ahead...

We have got the Malaysian Grand Prix, 2 race of the season. Definitely after the upset of world no. 1 Michael Schumacher not finishing the opening race of the season...he may decide to go all out and do the whole Malaysian race in style...then again maybe not! ;p Last years race was won by him, from start to finish. Montoya who now drives for McLaren, finished in 2nd last year. Jenson Button was in 3rd. Giancarlo Fisichella who finished 1st in Melbourne and 11th in Malaysia last year now drives for Renault - so we will see this weekend what surprises are in store in Sepang. BTW - Sauber-Petronas came in 8th and 11th last year.

EPL - Saturday

Blackburn - Arsenal (a preview of the FA Semis perhaps)
Chelsea - Crystal Palace
Manchester United - Fulham
Bolton - Norwich

EPL - Sunday

Liverpool - Everton (a no holds barred Liverpool has got to win!!!)

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